End Racism Now #BLM

We are saddened by the recent murders of unarmed black men and women at the hands of the police. These killings are an outward manifestation of a system of oppression in this country that has always devalued black lives. Read Write Spell stands against racism and inequities and we stand in solidarity with all of those working to end systemic racism in this country and in the world. The protests that have occurred in Winston-Salem, and throughout the country, give us hope that this moment will evolve into a movement that leads to systemic change.

As an organization that works to ensure that every child in this community learns to read, we are confronted with the systemic racism that exists in the education system every day. Literacy is a civil right that has been denied to black people since slavery. The achievement gap (37% of black third-graders are proficient in reading compared to 74% for their white counterparts) is evidence that black people are still being denied an equitable education.

We will not be neutral in the face of systemic racism. We want to live in a community where race is no longer an accurate predictor of educational outcomes and we commit to doing our part. We will:


  1. Examine our internal culture and our work to ensure that our policies, programs, and practices are anti-racist.
  2. Embed diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout Read Write Spell.
  3. Align ourselves with other organizations that are committed to building a more equitable and just community.

If you would like resources for dismantling racism visit our Dismantling Racism Resource Page.


The Read Write Spell Staff


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