Studies show that for 90% of poor readers, early intensive intervention can increase reading ability to an age-appropriate average skill level.

We highly recommend that parents read the IDA Dyslexia Handbook “What Every Family Should Know.”  The handbook contains useful information about how to recognize dyslexia. Click here to download the Dyslexia Handbook.

1. Problems with phonemic awareness
Eighty percent of early reading problems are due to poor phonological awareness.

Students may also have problems hearing the differences between sounds, not understanding that letters make specific sounds, etc.

2. Poor word recognition
Slow to learn words seen frequently, forgetting words seen many times, difficulty learning sight words (this is a very common problem).

3. Weakness sounding out words
Can’t easily learn and apply decoding skills. Tries to guess at words or use context clues. Weak at sounding out words with 2, 3 and 4 syllables (by 3rd or 4th grade).

4. Poor spelling, both on tests and in written compositions
Frequent misspellings, guesses.

5. Slow, halting reading (poor fluency)
Must reread to understand.

6. Weak reading comprehension
Can’t recognize words in a passage or soundout important words; so slow and halting,she can’t recall what’s been read. Hastrouble finishing tests.

7. Excessive time spent on homework
Parents may report trouble with assignments.

8. Self-esteem issues
Sees herself as “stupid”; is “down” aboutschool, cries easily, avoids reading, appearsnot to care, easily frustrated when reading.

The students we teach are recommended by parents, teachers, guidance counselors and other staff members in the public school system. All of the students in our programs are low income, bright children who could not afford 1:1 tutoring otherwise.  Sadly, at this time we cannot accommodate ESL students or students who do not speak English fluently.  Students meet with their tutors for approximately 45 minutes, two times each week.  We’re looking for students with great attendance records, so they will be able to benefit from our tutoring.

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