Read Write Spell is now Love Literacy. This new name signals an evolution in our work and names what we do and why we do it. Our children are struggling, and illiteracy is one of the most solvable problems of our time. Our love of the children in this community compels us to act urgently to craft solutions that will significantly shift the literacy landscape in Forsyth County. 

Since our inception in 2001, our work has focused on providing and advocating for research-based reading instruction for all students, especially economically disadvantaged students. In 2021, we began to examine our impact relative to the need. We realized that we must take a more comprehensive approach to shift our literacy outcomes. 

Our new mission is to significantly increase literacy achievement for students with the greatest need by mobilizing and equipping a community of partners, advocates, and supporters who are committed to literacy as a key driver of student and community success. We will do this by, 

Ensuring our community understands our literacy crisis and is inspired to engage by:

  • hosting our Between the Lines speaker series;
  • providing relevant data and tracking our community’s collective impact; 
  • providing volunteer opportunities; and 
  • capacity-building on and advocating for systems change that can shift outcomes.

Building the capacity of our community to move the needle farther and faster by:

  • providing literacy support to families;
  • training volunteer tutors; and
  • and capacity-building in early childhood spaces, before/after school care, and summer programs with Love Literacy’s research-based reading methods.

Our hearts are big enough to address the literacy challenge in our community. We are eager to continue to work together to increase children’s literacy in our community. 


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