Decoding Dyslexia of NC

ReadWS supports the work of Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina.

From the DDNC website:
Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina (DDNC) is a grassroots movement driven by North Carolinian’s concerned with the limited access to educational interventions for dyslexia.

DDNC is made up of individuals and parents who have children or know someone who struggles with dyslexia. We are not experts we are individuals & parents that can share the experiences of the journey with dyslexia and the services that our children have received or wished were available in the local school district.

Our goal is to have a place where individuals & parents can connect, share stories and meet with others who have been through or are experiencing the journey of having and or having a dyslexic child. Through the sharing and interaction a momentum will build, and with the help of local legislators we as a grassroots organization can generate momentum for legislation that will define, identify, train educators and support our dyslexic children in public schools.


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January 28, 2015

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