“Why I Tutor” by Jenny Ryan

“Even with a Masters in Special Education and Learning Disabilities, I was not equipped to help my own daughter with her reading and writing.  She needed a teacher who could provide one-on-one help with her dyslexia.  The demands of 3rd grade were proving too much for her, and her impatient mom could not be that teacher.  Now with my training from ALP, I am better equipped to help her not only with the spelling list each week, but also in her daily reading and writing.  It doesn’t mean there aren’t still tears, but her confidence is growing and that means the world!  

Now as a tutor, I get to see that same confidence bloom in a young 2nd grade girl who might otherwise find learning to be more like a weight she must carry.  With success comes a conquering of fear.  My hope for my student is not only that she grows, but that she stands a little taller as she finds reading to be less of a battle and more of a lifelong love of learning.”

-Jenny Ryan


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November 1, 2014

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