Love Literacy collaborates with people across the community to ensure that all children have access to research-based reading instruction and support.

Since 2001, we have trained volunteer tutors to provide one-on-one reading instruction to students reading below grade level in WS/FCS. Our tutoring program positively impacts the students and the tutor.

“When Amiya was in the 4th grade, she had difficulty with reading. Her teacher reached out to Read Write Spell for a tutor, and I was assigned to work with her. When we started, Amiya did not know what a consonant was. We worked hard, and slowly but surely, Amiya learned one-syllable words and then two-syllable words. Every lesson ended by reading a story together. By the 3rd quarter, Amiya’s grades markedly improved. She was keeping up with her classmates. She was delighted and surprised when she started to get A’s and B’s regularly. Amiya just finished the 6th grade and came for tutoring in the office last year. It was important for me to continue tutoring in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic because we were so close to completing the program when school shut down. Plus, Amiya had just started middle school, and it was important to us both that she be able to finish the work. When her family was willing to bring her to our offices, I was delighted. Watching her work so hard and achieve our goals made it all worthwhile.  Being able to complete the entire tutoring program with Amiya was definitely bittersweet. I will miss our time together, but I am so glad to know that she has a good foundation for learning.”

— Susan, Volunteer Tutor

“Tutoring allows her to grow and continue on her path to becoming a more confident reader. She’s able to get that one-on-one help that she needs with a tutor who’s very encouraging and caring and really wants to see Amiya do well. These are the things that are so important to a child that needs help. I’m grateful this service is available. Thank you to the tutors for their support and dedication.

— Felicia (Amiya’s mom)

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