See and Learn about the Science of Reading

The Science of Reading is not…

The Science of Reading is not…

What the science of reading is not, UVA professor Emily Solari says. (She notes "I think there’s some confusion out there, especially if you spend any time on Twitter.”)

Letter to TCRWP

This article is damage control to mask what the publishers know is a failed product! They do not want the research shared. She admits she did not “know “ in a different social media rant but this email went to customers! #Fraud #ProductLiability!

Sight Words Come in Two Flavors

Reading Teachers - Did you know that sight words come in two flavors? 1) CONSCIOUS memorization of the word based on its visual features (hard for kids, or anyone else, to do) 2) UNCONSCIOUS creation of sight words due to an automatic process called Orthographic...

Decoding Dragon

The Decoding Dragon will keep you safe from that horrible Guessing Monster! I love this from @lifelonglit

Guidance for Phonics Routines

Marking: Engage children with a sense of their own learning. Do they know it? They tick in pencil. Don't they know it? Circle - understanding that it's OK not to know something. The teacher will teach you (or teach you again), and you may need more practice.

Simple View of Reading

(1/5) Skilled reading is the product of decoding AND language comprehension. If kids can’t decode, their comprehension is moot, because they don’t know what the words are. If kids don’t have strong background knowledge/vocab, they won’t understand most of what they...

Scarborough’s Reading Rope

From fb - SoR, What I Should Have Learned in College - comes this neatly simplified way to think of language comprehension. Obvi applies through K-12. More I think about The Rope, more I understand reading acquisition, instruction, need for disciplinary literacy in...

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