The Science of Reading

All of our work is based in the science of reading (SOR) – how the brain learns to read. Our approach, rooted in brain research, has been proven to be more effective for more children than traditional approaches to reading. Read Write Spell recognizes this definition from the Consortium or Reaching Excellence in Education (CORE).

The Science of Reading is a vast, interdisciplinary body of scientifically-based* research about reading and issues related to reading and writing. 

This research has been conducted over the last five decades across the world, and it is derived from thousands of studies conducted in multiple languages. The science of reading has culminated in a preponderance of evidence to inform how proficient reading and writing develop; why some have difficulty; and how we can most effectively assess and teach and, therefore, improve student outcomes through prevention of and intervention for reading difficulties.

The Science of Reading is derived from researchers from multiple fields: cognitive psychology; communication sciences; developmental psychology; education; implementation science; linguistics; neuroscience; and school psychology

the Consortium for Reaching Excellence in Education (CORE)

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The Listen, Read, See and Watch pages for educators offer articles, podcasts, videos and other items concerning the Science of Reading. We invite you to spend time exploring these pages as we all learn to employ the Science of Reading to work for the children of WS/FCS.

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